10-11-2014 04:52 PM
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  1. MDboyz's Avatar
    You forgot that a lot of people have already been with youtube way long time before google bought it.

    Why do people who hate Google so much want their services so much?
    10-06-2014 01:26 PM
  2. AntiAB's Avatar
    Microsoft should just buy another video site like Vimeo or Dailymotion and compete
    10-06-2014 01:30 PM
  3. fadi dababneh1's Avatar
    I'll be writing a tutorial later tomorrow because it is 9:34 PM here and ill be off to sleep now
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    10-06-2014 01:35 PM
  4. fadi dababneh1's Avatar
    I'll be also attaching the YouTube app that I use. If u guys want this please tell me I don't want to write the tutorial for no one. Have a great day every one :)
    10-06-2014 01:38 PM
  5. TechFreak1's Avatar
    I hate to be a downer, I don't see how a petition will bring about the attention that is needed about Googles anti competitive behaviour. There must have been countless petitions done before and Google has made it clear in their actions they are looking after Number one - themselves. They would much prefer to see the world run on chromebooks and android devices as it means they can farm an "infinite" resource to sell. They would rather kill windows phone whilst it is still growing then give it any "assistance" for it to grow, which is why they will never stop developing for IOS devices.

    Sure pretty much every other company does it (i.e facebook - why do you think their stock is worth so much yet they don't sell a single product to the average consumer) however not all of them make it their sole business to know everything about you (I imagine Google would want to even know more than your white blood cell count if they could).

    There are people who say let them look, I have nothing to hide - fair enough however at what point do you draw the line? -
    Targeted adverts on your toaster? on your child's diaper / nappy (look up smart nappy)?
    10-06-2014 02:16 PM
  6. colinkiama's Avatar
    Hey thats a cool phone! Does it have YouTube? No but is has third party you.... Does it have candy crush? No. Clash of clans? No. I'm not getting that then. It's just those three missing. Official YouTube, clash of clans and candy crush. Those three will mean loads of people will switch to WP. When people say it has no apps it means that there are apps that are missing for them. When these apps come they will have no excuses. Let's just at least try a petition. If we hated google so much why are some of us using android lol. Please guys. Just try!
    10-06-2014 02:26 PM
  7. Ashish Gupta888's Avatar
    We don't need it..we have metrotube..if app works well then third party is just the another word. At least, I wont go for this petition as its for google and I hate it from the scratch because of its bossy attitude! I recently signed petition for instagram updates because they at least have their app ported here. Nothing is going to change with this, because deaf can hear us someday but Google wont!
    10-06-2014 02:44 PM
  8. tgp's Avatar
    We don't need it..we have metrotube..
    Here's the problem with Metrotube or mytube or whatever other 3rd party Youtube apps are available:

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    10-06-2014 04:07 PM
  9. AntiAB's Avatar
    I agree to the petition for Clash of Clans . We need SuperCell if windows is going to be taken seriously. And unfortunately Youtube as well. I hate 3rd party apps.
    10-06-2014 04:50 PM
  10. stephen_az's Avatar
    Ok guys, we really need to do something about Google's anticompetitive practices, so I was thinking about a petition that will hurt a little and will worry the people at Google. A petition that will really force Google to do something.
    Long story short, at the end of the petition, the people that signed it, would say they are not going to use one or more of Google's services untill there's an usable YTube app made by google.

    I need this:
    Someone that knows the law to help me write the petition
    Someone to make the petition site
    A lot of people with mass media connections ( we really need to be promoted if we want to get a lot of signatures)
    All the feedback and support you could give.

    So? What do you say? Can we pull this off together?
    No offense but this is a complete waste of time. Google is under no obligation to release apps for any platform. As such, this sort of thing comes of (at best) as silly. At worst, it draws undue attention to a personal inconvenience as if it is a fatal flaw in WP. To get straight to the point, petitions are useless and there are absolutely no grounds for a class action suit. Quite frankly, it is the equivalent of saying you want to sue Apple for not making OSX for Windows or Microsoft for not releasing full Office for Chrome or Linux. If you even found a lawyer who would take such a case, you would be lucky if it was only dismissed with a stern warning about frivolous litigation. As far as a petition goes, it will get filed with all the rest; with filed being a euphemism for laughed at, possibly pinned up on a wall as a joke, and then tossed.

    If you choose WP you accept certain limitations that will exist unless and until it reaches a certain user base and even then Google will probably not proceed with anything more than a limited app. YouTube is also really not essential to anyone's life. It is not as if they are withholding technology to allow wireless phones to be accurately tracked by 911. It is an entertainment service. In fact, it is also one you can still access from the web even if you don't like the limitations.

    Beyond anything else, you also seem to think that a petition will get Google to decide that their successful (albeit often ethically and morally bankrupt) business practices should be changed. Sorry but other than being a slogan on a wall, they ditched "do no evil" a long time ago. You would probably have as much chance of succeeding if you asked Ayn Rand (if she was still alive) to volunteer at a homeless shelter or donate money to a fund to end poverty. If you don't get the reference, look her up. BTW, if there is someone out there for whom it really is essential, you made a poor choice in phones.
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    10-06-2014 05:40 PM
  11. stephen_az's Avatar
    A class action suit is probably your best bet.
    On what grounds? Google is not nice? There are no grounds for any litigation....
    10-06-2014 05:45 PM
  12. ShinraCorp's Avatar
    You can make a lawsuit but it will be baseless and basically rejected by the court. Youtube allows anyone to develop an app that uses their service so Youtube is "open" to every platform imaginable. Yeah sure what Google did to the Microsoft made Youtube app was a **** move but honestly the ones on Windows Phone are superb, Metrotube and myTube comes to mind.
    10-06-2014 07:46 PM
  13. peacefulberry's Avatar
    I've used official yt on android and it doesn't have the same playback abilities that mytube has. So I'm actually fine with no official app.
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    10-06-2014 08:30 PM
  14. travis_valkyrie's Avatar
    If it's only the Youtube app you want, then here you go.

    10-06-2014 10:04 PM
  15. anon(9057135)'s Avatar
    So you guys are going to whine to Google Inc. Because you want "official apps"? You can't force a company to make apps for a phone they don't own. Plus Windows Phone is Three Percent of Smartphone users. Also, clients are always better.
    10-06-2014 10:20 PM
  16. anon(9057135)'s Avatar
    Here's the problem with Metrotube or mytube or whatever other 3rd party Youtube apps are available:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	wp_ss_20141006_0001.png 
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    I search YouTube and Metrotube/My Tube both came up.
    10-06-2014 10:23 PM
  17. Ashish Gupta888's Avatar
    Folks are wasting their time on this. Useless thread!
    10-07-2014 02:17 AM
  18. Jignesh Gandhi's Avatar
    Seriously nothing is gonna happen. I dont see any google app for atleast now in WP
    10-07-2014 03:36 AM
  19. rockstarzzz's Avatar
    We have Metrotube and Mytube. I wouldn't beg Google to give me anything. Even if they make an app, all they are going to do is, sell me ads and sell my data away based on what videos I watch. I would rather have third party developers and Microsoft make that money than Google.
    10-07-2014 04:11 AM
  20. prasath1234's Avatar
    I love YouTube HD app it I better than Google's YouTube.it also has download option.
    From Windows phone
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    10-07-2014 04:44 AM
  21. fadi dababneh1's Avatar
    So here is the tutorial of how to download the official youtube app that was pulled by Google :
    1-First of all you need to download :
    (a) Windows phone SDK 8.1 there is a full version of it on microsoft site it offers you all the apps but we dont need all the apps so there is a lite version for the Windows phone SDK 8.1 which contains the apps needed you can download it HERE this is for windows phones with wp8.1
    2- Now we need to have a developer account these are the steps to turn your account to a developer account :
    (A) Register as a developer with App Studio it is free (Windows App Studio - Create free apps for Windows Phone, Surface tablets and PCs | Microsoft) we register by clicking the start new project.
    (B) Sign-in with the same Microsoft account that is registered on the Windows Phone
    (C)Agree to the access request
    (D) Agree to the Windows Phone App Studio Agreement.
    (E)Click Register
    (F) you should be prompted with a request to select a template for your first application
    (G) Press empty app and then click create
    (H) Press the finish button then click generate and then they would ask you what do u want to generate you just leave it as it is and just press generate and wait till the process is over
    When everything is over you now have a developer account

    3- now extract the file WP8.1 SDK Tools Lite Setup Av1.00 to a folder and install it by opening InstallWP81SDKToolsLite.bat and let it install

    4-now when the installation is over open windows phone developer registration and unlock your phone and press register make sure that your phone is not locked because it will not work . it will ask you to sign in so you used sign in with the email that you developer unlocked which should be the same email that you use on your phone. now you have a developer unlocked phone VERY IMPORTANT THAT DURING THIS PROCESS MAKE SURE THAT YOUR PHONE IS CONNECTED TO A WIFI NETWORK

    5- now that you have a developer unlocked phone you can side load apps but you can only side load 2 apps by 2 apps i mean if you side load 2 app to your phone you cant side load anymore apps but when you uninstall one of the side loaded apps you can side load another app.

    6- now download the youtube app HERE but make sure to donwload the nointrope (Youtube_NoInterop.xap ) version

    7-now open windows phone application deployment and click browse and chose the youtube xap app you just downloaded make sure the target is set to device and click deploy

    Here you go guys now you would have the youtube app on your phone . Have a wonderful time with it and feel free to ask me any questions.
    Have a great day :D
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    10-07-2014 05:55 AM
  22. fadi dababneh1's Avatar
    10-07-2014 06:20 AM
  23. jlzimmerman's Avatar
    I've removed myself from using Google services, partly because of their immature attitude toward WP. The ONLY thing I miss is using my YT account to check my subscriptions, but even that it doesn't make me lose sleep. The best thing for you to do as an individual is hurt them on twitter, facebook, and other social media sites.
    10-07-2014 08:35 AM
  24. Jazmac's Avatar
    I'm going to give it a try... for scientific purposes. :)
    10-07-2014 08:45 AM
  25. tgp's Avatar
    I've removed myself from using Google services, partly because of their immature attitude toward WP.
    That'll learn 'em!

    Looking at it realistically, do you realize that if every single WP user boycotted Google completely, it would barely register on their radar? The difference would be similar to a margin of error. I don't see this hurting Google. If WP had 10 times the market share it does, Google would notice. But then boycotting wouldn't be necessary, because if WP had 25% market share, Google would provide apps.

    I don't use any Apple devices or services at the moment, but I'm deeply entrenched in both Microsoft and Google. I use Microsoft software, some Microsoft services, PCs, Windows Phones, Android phones, Android tablets, and some Google services. They all happily co-exist. I feel that if I would go all in with one of them and boycott the other, I would be the one suffering. Neither company excels at everything, but they both excel at certain things. I like to pick and choose. It's the best of both worlds!

    Here is a list of the devices I own:

    1 - HP Desktop PC with Windows 10 TP
    2 - HP Laptops with Windows 8.1 (one is my wife's)
    1 - HP Chromebook (wife's)
    2 - Windows Phones (920 & 520)
    3 - Android phones (Nexus 5, Moto X (wife's), Moto G)
    2 - Android tablets (HP TouchPad (Nexus 7 (2013), Nexus 7 3G (2012))
    1 - HP TouchPad, dual boot WebOS & Android
    10-07-2014 09:59 AM
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