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    I noticed a trend on the websites of services that have a WP app: the services that made good apps for WP (Flipboard, Pandora) have a download link on their mobile apps page of their website, while the services that made sub-par or poor apps do not. In general, I think it's a pretty easy way to tell how much they care about their apps. Obviously, there are some exceptions (I think Amazon would reach out to many more users if they focused more on their WP apps then their Fire phone apps, and that's saying quite a bit about the Fire phone's success) This Hall of Fame is to applaud those services that made great WP apps and aren't afraid to show it on their website, and encourage them to continue supporting WP (which shouldn't be difficult, since marketshare is- slowly but surely- rising again!). I'll start with a handful that I personally use on a regular basis, and include screenshots from their website showcasing the link. Everybody, feel free to add to this, as there are many more out there! Also, look out for a related thread: the Wall of Shame, which will be the opposite of this one.

    Anyway, onto the Famers!

    Very beautifully designed app that fits the Metro UI well. Initially had some crashing issues, but their developers were quick with a fix. I just wish that picture they used showed the home screen of the app instead of the rewards page- it really showcases what eye-candy you can create with the Metro design language.

    A year ago, neither of these would have made this list (although I do miss the old Ebay app's UI). Both apps now work great.

    A late bloomer, but now that it's here, it's quite a nice app (apart from the long initial loading time). Plus, I like their efforts in redesigning the app for WP users. I looked on the Flipboard site the day the WP app was released, the Blackberry link was still there, but as you can see, the WP link now sits proudly in its place (looks like they just resized the WP link and pasted it right over the BB one. Awkward...)

    As a college student, I needed this to keep track of the classes and homework I have. This one gets the job done very nicely. Moreover, the only difference between the WP version and the other versions of MSL (including the web browser version) is the UI, tailored to create a unique experience for WP. It's full-featured, and it's a universal app too.

    This one's been on the top of the "Top Free" apps section of the store pretty much since the day it came out. Enough said.

    Another app that would not have made this list a year ago, the new Spotify app works very nicely. Also, let's not forget the service is now free! Here's hoping that AT&T will copy T-Mobile's idea and give free data to us music streamers.

    This one and the one after it are in the grey area, mainly because there are a few little things that need to be addressed (like, how I have to pull down every time I open the app to see anything new). Nonetheless, as a Lumia 1520 user, I really appreciate the phablet screen support and dark theme options they added a few months ago.

    Another grey area app. It works very well on my 1520, but I hear complaints from other phone users about it. Even so, it is more or less on par feature-wise with its iOS and Android counterparts, and that's something we all can appreciate.

    Can you think of any more? Reply with the app, a screenshot of the service's website showing off the download link, and a reason why it deserves to be here!
    10-09-2014 01:23 PM

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