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    I'm trying to convince my partner to switch from Android to WP8.1. We've found suitable replacement apps for nearly everything* except for her calendar--and it's going to be a sticking point. She currently uses the Samsung S-Calendar app, which has a nice monthly view that uses a free/busy look (see attached) plus support for appointment colouring that Google has an option for (used in this case to designate appointment type/ unconfirmed/ cancellation status) (not calendar colouring!). Given she has back-to-back appointments all day, it's important for her to be able to see at a glance when there's a free spot on any given day in a month. It's too hard/long to do using a week view, and it's pointless if it just clumps all the appointments together like the inbuilt app. It's also not an option to use separate calendars for different appointment types and use calendar colouring.

    Chronos and Super Calendar don't seem to do either the free/busy month view or appointment colouring. Does anyone have any ideas on what might be suitable? renders terribly in IE11 mobile view, and the desktop view is too difficult to navigate without a mouse.

    Thanks for your help!


    *okay, so PayPal is being annoying as well. :P
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