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    I am a big speed reading fan, especially the idea of being able to use rapid serial visualization presentation (RSVP) on a phone.

    The idea behind RSVP is that it takes effort and time to move your eyes' focus from word to word when you are reading, especially on a phone where the font might be tiny. Because of this you can increase immensely your reading speed if instead of having to move your focus from word to word, you focus on a point and the word changes at a certain cadence. Typically, with some practice you can increase that cadence to numbers such as 500 words per minute comfortably, which is a lot more than what the average person can read and works brilliantly if you read light stuff (I wouldn't use it for hard technical stuff, because you need more time to process the information for it to make sense).

    I looked for speed reading apps for WP8 and found a few, but they required you to either copy&paste the text you want to speed read, required the text to be in Onedrive or that you'd copy the url of the page you wanted to speed read.

    So I did Lectito (it means reading in Latin). I can't post the link here because this is my first post, but if you search for Lectito in the store you will find it.

    Lectito can be "launched" from Internet Explorer using the sharing option and it also supports pictures (it will display them and their "alt" text), which was another feature lacking in all the apps I've tried.

    I'm still adding features and making stuff better in general. I'd really appreciate feedback in terms of features/problems that the app might still have.

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    10-14-2014 08:56 AM
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    10-16-2014 02:40 AM
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    Thanks :)

    I'm been actively working on new features: I've recently added pause/play/stop indicators, made the word centered in a "focus" letter (we only need the first few letters to identify a word, so the letter in the middle of those is highlighted to make the word easier to recognize).

    I'm currently working on making the word that you pause on be highlighted in the control that shows the whole text and images.

    There's a feature request option in the app (or just let me know here), if you use it I'll be more than happy to add any missing features.

    Hope you are enjoying using it as much as I am :)
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