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    i recently published an app and paid some people to translate it in different languages.
    The thing is i don't trust them as they cannot test it on the phone.
    Therefore, i need someone with a windows phone to download the app and try to find if there is any translation errors within the app,as well as in app store description.

    If you can do this prove reading then i can pay you for 15 for each language, and if you can translate our privacy policy as well, i can add 5 on the top.


    1. Work load: prove reading: 20 to 30 mins; privacy policy translation 10-15 mins.

    2. You must speak good or native language in one of the following:
    French, German , Italian or Spanish.

    3. have a windows phone 8 or 8.1 and a Paypal account.

    if you are interested, let me know asap.
    you can also add me on Skype: paulnaoki

    11-07-2014 09:34 AM

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