1. KarmaEcrivain94's Avatar

    I seriously dunno what is stopping Microsoft from hiring this genius...
    11-13-2014 04:24 PM
  2. Ryan ODonnell's Avatar
    Could only dream of having this!
    11-13-2014 04:31 PM
  3. Nicholas Maguire's Avatar
    Oh wow, that is pretty amazing.
    11-13-2014 04:40 PM
  4. Niavlys77's Avatar
    Wow. Seriously, that's *very* nice. MS needs to hire this guy and make it (or something very, very similar to it) happen.
    11-13-2014 04:41 PM
  5. TheRickshaw's Avatar

    Why is the XBM team so uninspired? That's the real question.
    11-13-2014 04:53 PM
  6. KarmaEcrivain94's Avatar
    Let's all tweet this to @Microsoft, @Windows and @Lumia! I just have.
    11-13-2014 04:54 PM
  7. pedmar007's Avatar
    As great as that concept is and I mean GREAT, MS would never do anything like that simply because it would look entirely bad for them to hire techs and pay them a gazillion dollars and yet someone off the street could come up with a concept that completely annihilates any and everything they've put out so far. TBH I think every WP and xbox user should hire this guy, break into MS, lock the doors leading to the XBOX music creation room and allow this guy to create this and seed it to every WP8.1 and xbox user worldwide oh sorry and those on PC as well.
    11-13-2014 04:55 PM
  8. pedmar007's Avatar
    Having that on WP alone would destroy anything found on IOS or Android!!!
    11-13-2014 04:57 PM
  9. pedmar007's Avatar
    ? Why doesn't MS when designing apps like video,music whatever just put out ads for designers to compete in the final makeup of these apps and whoever wins gets a commission off the final version if their design is used. I'd bet there would be thousands of submissions. I have seen so many concepts from apps to OS implementation so having people willing to make WP a greatly improved visual/functional experience should go a long way in securing the future of the OS. Putting it in the hands of its users would strengthen the loyalty between users and MS knowing that fellow everyday people had a hand in what we come to love about this OS that we so want to never leave!!!
    11-13-2014 05:06 PM
  10. jwinch2's Avatar
    Excellent idea.
    11-14-2014 11:28 PM
  11. Benjamin Mendez's Avatar
    Wow seriously that was nice! Why isn't MS after these kind of people? There's always some really nice concepts going around but MS doesn't seem to get the whole point.
    11-14-2014 11:36 PM
  12. Apurv Patani's Avatar
    Great concept.....i hope microsoft could have done that to the current awful music app 😡😡
    11-15-2014 04:03 AM
  13. Jonnie LasVegas's Avatar
    Nice concept. Makes me miss my HD2 for some strange reason, lol.
    11-15-2014 04:19 AM
  14. MobileGameReviewer's Avatar
    wow. what a concept. is this developing by someone else or Microsoft? hope we will get this someday soon. :)
    11-15-2014 11:14 AM
  15. acerace113's Avatar
    That looks awesome

    Sent from my Surface 2 using Tapatalk
    11-15-2014 04:18 PM
  16. stickyshocker's Avatar
    Nice the only thing I didn't like was the a to z scrolling that's from android and that's not cool
    11-15-2014 04:27 PM
  17. Michael Bull2's Avatar
    Get the got to wrote this as an app maybe?
    11-15-2014 04:29 PM
  18. Elitis's Avatar
    ...That entire UI needs to become the new Modern/Metro UI for Windows 10. 34 seconds into the video is just an amazing overall UI. I like the UI as it is now, but this is just better. This makes excellent use of font size while still keeping the "slide left or right" aspect of the UI.

    Anyway, who needs the XBM team to adopt this UI? All we need is permission to use this, and a good developer (or two), and we could have a great replacement music player app on our hands (or should I say, phones).
    11-15-2014 04:34 PM
  19. jwinch2's Avatar
    I sent it to them on Facebook, perhaps if we bombard them? Probably not, but its worth an effort.
    11-15-2014 06:25 PM
  20. Toan Le's Avatar
    Well, the fact is that, concepts are almost always better than reality. This concept is amazing, but MS... *sighs*
    11-15-2014 08:29 PM
  21. Rodrigo Mendes's Avatar
    I like Xbox Music the way it is. It's a very good concept, but I don't think it's beter. It's only different.

    I think Xbox Music need more features, not visual changes. Like:

    1) Folder playback option (i hate it, but there's a lot of people who prefers it)
    2) Lyrics
    3) Equalizer (there's no reason to use it on a smartphone, but it's a feature who people ask for)

    After these 3 features, Xbox Music would be perfect IMHO.
    11-16-2014 07:58 PM

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