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    After a spell on Android I decided to come back to Windows Phone, I was surprised to find how the app store has grown, I was even more surprised to find the amount of apps that are full of bugs or just don't work.

    A few examples, BT Wifi, I used this on Android, when in a WiFi hotspot it is supposed to auto connect, works a treat on Android, connects no problem to BT Fon and Openzone. On Windows phone it just doesn't connect to anything, auto connect? You must be joking, even after going and manually selecting the correct network it still doesn't connect.

    iPlayer Radio, plays a minute then gives up, only option is to go out of the app then back in where the same problem occurs.

    Audible, Could play 1 min, could play 2 hours then gives up, and when you go back into the app it hasn't store your position so it back to the start for you.

    I can't decide which is better, not having the app at all or having the app but it doesn't work, I think I would rather have less apps but apps that function 100% than all the major apps with only half of them working.
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    02-08-2015 10:18 AM
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    Good question.
    As a developer myself, what I can say is that WP has very limited resources available for developers like me who want to make apps. For e.g. for iOS and Android I can simply copy/paste a lot of code from online tutorials,youtube videos and if all else fails from SO. Unfortunately the same level of resources are not available for WP. So perhaps this is why you see many Indie developers with buggy apps.

    But.....this does not explain why the big name companies are cutting corners on apps for Windows Phones. I tried GT Racing 2 and Fifa 2015, and both had bugs in it. Fifa would crash every few mins, and GT Racing had text all mangled up.

    Maybe its the chicken and egg scenario here. You wont get good quality apps on WP till it get readily adopted by the public, and it wont be readily adopted by the public till we get good quality apps on WP
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    02-08-2015 10:32 AM
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    I expect it from small devs but from big companies it is not acceptable, especially when their iOS and Android apps are flawless and this is happening a hell of a lot, they are happy to get their app out on WP but whether it actually works or not the don't seem to care less.
    02-08-2015 10:46 AM
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    Good point. I always make sure to give a feedback in the store and when it's really important, I also send a mail to the company. Not sure if it helps at all, but it's worth trying.
    02-08-2015 11:03 AM

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