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    I recently installed #TileArt and i didn't find anything good about it. I can just make my start screen and lock screen look cool with some effort. Though what i liked is how the image selected for lock screen is available for adjustment. What i want is, if we can add any number of images there and can re-size them as we want, can set which image will be in foreground and which one at background and set that final image as lock screen. Kind of collage thing, but that will work inside that app only rather than using collage making app! The app can compress the image size though when finalized to set.

    Advantages: intuitive ideas for lock screen image, image will look perfect and fit the screen(consider collage making page/lock screen page as a blank canvas), no need to use another app for making your collage.
    02-18-2015 12:18 AM

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