02-24-2015 10:36 PM
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  1. Nogitsune Micah's Avatar
    I am trying to wrap my head around this mentality here of you people, but it is difficult. You all hate Google because they not make apps for Windows Phone, but Apple doesn't make apps for WP either. Constantly I hear Google apps suck, nobody should use them, etc. if Google apps and services suck so bad, then why do you care if the make them for Windows Phone? Why do you not vehemently hate Apple also? They ignore WP just like Google?

    I also hear that Google does everything in their power to **** over Windows Phone users etc etc, but I don't see this myself. Google doesn't do ANYTHING to WP, to Google, WP doesn't even exist. I am convince that windows central have very young members who think irrational, lash out constantly, attack Microsoft employees on Twitter, nothing is surprising. When windows central writer has to make article telling you to be respectful to a Microsoft employee on Twitter, it is a damn shame. Why do Microsoft have fans like this but Apple and Google do not.
    You make little to no sense.
    What apps does Apple have on Google play store? The key difference is, Apple's apps are usually reserved for Apple products save for iTunes I believe. Facetime, Siri, iWork, etc etc are all their apps for their products. That's okay and I can understand that. I believe they did purchase some other app awhile back and dropped support for windows phone as well as they did for beats music.

    On the other hand, Google has most if not all of their apps on EVERY platform including Blackberry and other platforms that actually sell far less than Windows phone does.

    If you can't see something is off with that picture, then I can't help you there.

    People want these apps on Windows phone not because they want them(We have great alternatives in MS) but because it is unfortunately a setback for potential users who do rely on them but can't come to windows phone due to the lack of them.

    While I'll admit that many of these fans can be rabid, disrespectful, and even crazy at times, let's not act like that they are completely insane and their dislike for Google and these other companies is unfounded.
    02-24-2015 08:20 PM
  2. theefman's Avatar
    Not sure why people believe google owes anybody anything. I personally can't stand them because of their data mining activities but they are acting in their own interests as a business and looking for ways to make their platforms stronger.

    The question that should be asked is, why hasn't Microsoft done the same over the last 4+ years for WP? Why bash Google for working to make their platforms better but give Microsoft a pass for 4 years of incompetence? And if you hate google so much why is there such desperation for their apps and services?

    Bottom line, google is a business and is going to do their level best to destroy Microsoft in the business space, and as long as they do it legally and Microsoft is happy to bend over and take it they have every right to and they owe Windows users absolutely diddly squat; if they want to provide their services to Windows users that's their prerogative but in no sense are the obligated to. Better get used to more of the same.
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    02-24-2015 08:37 PM
  3. fatclue_98's Avatar
    And so we reached the point of diminishing returns as is so often with Google vs. Microsoft threads.
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    02-24-2015 10:36 PM
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