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    I'm finding the official AFL (Australian Rules Football) app on windows phone really buggy? Anyone else experiencing issues with it? Just simply checked last nights nab challenge match scores and the app couldn't handle it and quickly shut down. There's been no updates in the offseason yet I'm aware the apple app has had at least 2 updates. I'm also find it frustrating that Telstra didn't include radio coverage on the app which is available on other platforms especially considering that due to the rights agreement radio coverage of AFL matches online is only available through an AFL app. This effectively means that radio coverage is not available on a windows phone because the functionality in the app was not included. I would also really like to see the individual team apps which are available on other platforms. Any AFL fans out there? Are their any aussie windows phone users out there? Sometimes feel like I'm the lone windows phone user in the sea of apple.
    02-26-2015 10:18 PM

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