1. Lu520's Avatar
    If any please suggest :)
    05-08-2015 02:25 AM
  2. Visa Declined's Avatar
    There isn't anything like that on Windows Phone. Viper4Android takes deep control of a devices audio subsystem, which is why it requires root privileges on Android. I've been using it on my Nexus 5 for a long time, and it's fantastic. Windows Phone is locked down, and doesn't let you tinker with that type of stuff.
    Lu520 likes this.
    05-08-2015 02:43 AM
  3. Lu520's Avatar
    Thanks Visa :)
    05-08-2015 03:26 AM
  4. Pavstar619's Avatar
    Found only ONE post about Viper4Android on Windows Phones. Damn Windows Phone needs a whooping if they think music lovers will ever switch to Lumia from Android. Hope Windows 10 Mobile gives us alittle more freedom.
    05-28-2015 02:23 PM

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