1. eXtremeTK's Avatar
    Good morning!

    I'm searching for a good IMAP Mail app for my Lumia 640 LTE.
    The original client is ok, but i have for each mailbox an own button on my startsite.

    I search for a mail app, where i have all mailboxes in one app. Then i can choose my correct mailbox in this app.

    With MetroMail i have the problem, that the folders are named like this:


    Maestromail is a joke, because it only support Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo Mail, but no IMAP.

    Is there any really good email app?

    Best regards
    05-09-2015 04:03 AM
  2. gabi33's Avatar
    I want too

    Enviado do meu iPad usando o Tapatalk
    05-10-2015 04:59 PM
  3. eXtremeTK's Avatar
    Is there really no mail app / client for the windows phones which can we use for many IMAP boxes?
    05-17-2015 03:58 AM

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