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    hey guys WC is a huge data point for MS for feedback on the platform. And since Windows Phone App Store has always been the biggest skeleton in the closet thought why dont we try and get the hit list of key ones that we are missing.
    This could also be used as a forum for new app ideas.

    Would prefer app names where applicable.. so one can be vague and simply say local banks or food delivery apps would prefer stuff like TinyOwl, Swiggy, XYZ Bank, ABC Game etc etc..

    Before you guys go in an infinite loop.. i'll shout "SnapChat, Youtube and Google Maps" :)

    for new/missing app ideas - how bout a task manager (not really sure if its supported)

    will try to keep a master list and keep it updated..or you guys can keep copy pasting and maintain the final list in each post

    Apps Wish List:
    Google Maps

    New App Ideas:
    Windows Task Manager
    08-14-2015 10:33 AM

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