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    I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and it appears that the Backup & Restore app (Windows 7) that I used for automatic backups to an external hard drive has ceased to function. I was going to try to "force" a backup "now" but got message that I should move the existing backup files to another location first. Since we are talking about almost 950 GB on the external hard drive, a non-networked computer, and the fact that I don't have another external hard drive of that magnitude to transfer the files to, I'm not sure what to do. Also, if I could somehow transfer critical files to another external device and then force a backup to my primary external hard drive, will the "old" Windows 7 Back Up & Restore function work to automatically backup my files as before on a daily basis?? Is there another Backup & Restore app that I should have for Windows 10 to do the job daily? By the way, the Backup & Restore app (Windows 7) came pre-loaded along with Windows 7 Home Premium when I bought the PC.
    10-16-2015 03:05 PM
  2. nektarios parasxarakis's Avatar
    if you backup using a third party app u propably need the exast same app on w10 to ... try to install it with compability mode enabled or wait for an update to the program to support w10
    10-17-2015 04:58 AM

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