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    Hey all,

    I use the Windows laptop/tablet app "to-dos" (http://forums.windowscentral.com/e?l...token=rHEOgrVR) since Windows 8 and love it. It's so simple yet exactly what I need from a to-do app. Live tile with a bullet list, super fast way to input a "to do" and sync between devices. Only thing missing is option to sync with phone. I wrote the dev few months ago, he said it's in the pipeline but honestly I don't see it ever coming.

    I'm trying to find a replacement app, and weirdly enough can't find any! Wuderlist feels like "Word" when I'm looking for "Notepad", other apps don't have PC or phone version and some are cumbersome to type a new bullet into the app.

    What I'm looking for is pretty much what the app I currently use does (see link above)

    - Live tile with a simple list
    - Sync Phone/PC/Tablet
    - No alarms/due dates/reminder (or option to disable)
    - Fast way to type a new bullet
    - Free or around 2-3$

    If anyone found a hidden gem, please share it with me :)

    This is not a "do the work for me" post, I've tried many "to do" apps from the store but didn't find anything that does what I want, and that led me to write here. I've searched the American and Canadian stores.

    and just in case the dev of "to-dos" is reading this, please code the sister app for the phone :)

    Thanks a lot for any tip!
    02-18-2016 04:20 AM

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