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    I noticed that Microsoft developed a ROM to flash the Xiaomi Mi 4 with.

    In view of the increased phone functions in regular windows under creators update (hotspot SMS/MMS settings), the announcement of Windows 10 on ARM last year, I am guessing we'll get a consolidation of Windows 10 across platforms (one core, hardware independent, all makes sense)

    Now I wondered if Microsoft might not be making something like an OS that can be installed on other phones with android. Most such phones use adb, and can be flashed.

    Sailfish has an open-source platform for community written drivers, so that the tiny little Linux based OS can currently run on something like a dozen different phones.

    I'm wonder -

    "Is Microsoft planning something similar, a way to make Windows 10 installable on phones that weren't manufactured with windows in mind?"

    It would be a move reminiscent of Apples move to x86, when it was almost out of the desktop game. And that combined with the power of full windows, would be "a pretty boss chess move".
    04-12-2017 02:38 AM

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