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    Have you guys noticed the backlight bleed on the new Surface Pro (2017)?

    It is prominently on the screen bottom on blue and white screens especially. It is not noticeable in landscape mode with the black taskbar covering it up. On vertical mode when reading PDF files with white background and black text or the blue CTRL+ALT+DEL screen you can see it really well.

    It has been mentioned by many people on Microsoft forums


    and reddit




    It's really frustrating that Microsoft is not acknowledging the issue and getting away with it because of people not noticing it due to the black taskbar in Windows 10. This is not premium quality and more akin to a cheap tablet with a display defect.

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    07-08-2017 11:45 PM
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    I've noticed this on three Surface Pro 2017s that I returned because of this issue. Every Surface Pro 2017 on display in the Atlanta (Lenox) store has this problem. And I've read accounts from folks on Reddit who have checked display models in NYC and LA: they all have it. The sheer number of people complaining about this issue so early on suggests there is increasingly a meaningful sample size of Surface Pro 2017s with this problem. From my personal experience, I believe the problem is nearly universal, but I don't have enough data yet to say this as a fact.

    I am livid about this because it's such a good product otherwise! I'm not crazy about anything else on the pc market. I ordered a Surface Pro 2017 hoping it would take the place of my old MacBook and first-gen iPad Pro. Not happening.

    All I want is for Microsoft to: (1) acknowledge the issue and (2) announce when it'll be fixed.


    Moreover, here is a more complete list of where this issue is being discussed online. The sheer number of threads and people—this close to when the product was first shipped—is troubling.











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    This is a picture of the screen on the third one I had ordered

    07-09-2017 05:17 PM
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    Will Dan actually answer this question or is everyone going to ignore Microsoft's negligence in ensuring the display quality and stability of the device?

    By the way I just got one of their random surface shutdowns while typing this. (I hadn't really experienced it much because I have mostly been plugged in.)
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    07-11-2017 03:25 AM

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