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12-27-2017 11:27 AM
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  1. IdleMind's Avatar
    Since KODI started off as XBMC, I think it would be cool to see some collaboration with MS & KODI to better integrate the TV feature by making a KODI XBOX TV plugin from MS. If that takes off and gets a lot of use then they can look at adding a TV service to the mix.
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    12-20-2017 04:36 PM
  2. diego3336's Avatar
    I bought an Intel Compute Stick a few months ago and my only regret is the fact I bought the Atom-based. If I knew how good and useful this thing is, I'd probably spend more to buy the Core m3 one. But even with the Atom processor, the Stick is way more convincing as a 'TV companion' than my Xbox One.
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    12-20-2017 08:14 PM
  3. BJizzle321's Avatar
    They already have that...It's called Xbox. Buy a media remote with it, or use Smart glass. Also, when they tried to push hard for TV integration they got a bunch of backlash, from people.
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    12-21-2017 01:04 AM
  4. Hirox K's Avatar
    > 3) App support is wack
    Curious what apps are you referring?
    Youtube? Netflix? Office? Outlook? Skype? Whatsapp? Xbox games? XPA titles? Gmail / Inbox? SoundCloud? Twitter? KODI?
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    12-21-2017 02:10 AM
  5. jasonxz's Avatar
    I want a 4K native streaming player that can execute UWP apps with a good remote-based UI (not keyboard & mouse) that can pass-through audio streams to my high-end audio processor instead of remuxing everything so that the machine can give me audible notifications.
    And I want it for less than $200 b/c that's what the competition is doing.
    This shouldn't be that difficult.
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    12-21-2017 08:10 AM
  6. Jaroslav Houdek's Avatar
    Google is making Android TV'S . Why dont MS make Windows 10 TV ?
    I do not think Google is manufacturing any TV's. But some smaller TV manufacturers use Android in their "Smart TV" out of pure desperation. LG and Samsung have their own, better and more secure TV OSes.
    Who wants a windows smart TV can buy an Intel PC Stick and plug it in their TV. But it's not an ideal solution.
    What actually would make sense is introduction of cheaper version of Xbox One without blueray drive, no HDMI input, no optical output, less USB ports and compatible only with downloaded games and Apps. Something like Apple TV of Nvidia Shield TV, but more capable and powerful.
    12-21-2017 08:47 AM
  7. ZAEENTECH's Avatar
    Google is making Android TV'S . Why dont MS make Windows 10 TV ?
    Yes, MS should release a Windows 10 TV.
    12-21-2017 09:10 AM
  8. john sydney ellis's Avatar
    Google is making Android TV'S . Why dont MS make Windows 10 TV ?
    your answer to that is still the major tv compampanys still take it as separate organizations with there licence of there government transmission grants also there not happy about the item called frog tv that pulls almost totally free tv that is there rates are cut illeagaly over that one now you can see there a lot of probems still where it is consending that isheu
    12-21-2017 09:28 AM
  9. NiteCourt's Avatar
    Because they dumped Media Center so why a Windows 10 TV? Media Center was the only one that supported cable TV that required cable cards. I had 6 digital cable tuners and would record 6 shows at a time while watching a recording. With Xbox 360s in other rooms acting as extenders I could watch live TV or recordings in the other rooms. I could watch shows remotely using hot potato and schedule recording with my Windows Phone or PC. Now they don't have crap.
    12-21-2017 10:13 AM
  10. IdleMind's Avatar
    I miss MC. :-(
    12-21-2017 10:24 AM
  11. John Stoyle's Avatar
    Google is making Android TV'S . Why dont MS make Windows 10 TV ?
    No they should stay away, they missed the boat on this too that ship has already sailed. Leave it to Roku and Fire they are doing it just fine. Google is playing with it and play is the big word there they are doing half *** at it, then apple TV that is even a bigger joke but what do you expect from apple they are a washed up company that now is only known for a mobile device. Just let the pros stick to it Roku has already made a name for themselves in this. Though I would love to see another Microsoft product out there but this is not it. They already have too many failed products we do not need another.
    12-21-2017 10:50 AM
  12. Demitryus's Avatar
    Do you really think that Android TV is more "familiar" to the general masses then XBOX? I certainly don't!
    12-21-2017 01:23 PM
  13. DiogoSousa's Avatar
    Google is making Android TV'S . Why dont MS make Windows 10 TV ?
    Well..I think it's fair enough to say that...this probably will not happen because in some way we can say that Xbox One "is" Microsoft TV.
    Of course this is my "portuguese" point of view, since I don't know exactly how's the market in the U.S. but cannot see Europeans desperate for a Microsoft TV when Xbox does exactly what's needed.

    Instead...would be nice...really nice to see Microsoft investing hard on smart homes. I think there is no doubt today that smarthomes (or IoT) will be such a huge market, that in such a near future that they cannot just step-a-side thinking that they can be "only" a smart home services company without any "smart device" or just with Invoke.
    12-27-2017 11:27 AM
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