03-09-2018 07:25 PM
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  1. tofferne's Avatar
    No, I'm finished with Microsoft, it will be the same history again, problems and no apps, and they will cheat us again by closing down everything again.
    I'm happy with our 4 Huawei 10 Mate Pro.
    And when Nokia is ready with a more updated phone, Nokia 9 or 10, I will by these phones instead, they have clean Android and quick updates.
    And then few Microsoft apps, perfect solution without Microsoft and all troubles.
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    02-06-2018 02:05 PM
  2. sporosarcina's Avatar
    It all depends on your needs and usage scenario. For me I don't have any day to day concerns with my Lumia 950, apps, or overall mobile experience. All the Android phones that would give me a comparable hardware experience (wireless charging, USB-C, great camera, dedicated shutter button, memory expansion, long battery, security updates till 2019, etc.) would cost $750-1000, so why not wait and see.

    If you must have some app that isn't on W10M, or your device is broke, that is another story; but, I'm fine waiting to see what is next.
    02-06-2018 02:16 PM
  3. Ronald Conkle's Avatar
    Well stated!
    02-06-2018 02:40 PM
  4. jasqid's Avatar
    I think we have past history, a record, of the last 10 years and how Microsoft handles itself in the mobile consumer markets. Re-launch after re-launch. They can launch what ever they want but my boat has sailed on them.

    Anything new that is being worked on for release will more than likely be skimpted. 2017 was the nail-in-the-coffin for me. Thanks Nadella.
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    02-06-2018 03:14 PM
  5. gnomagico's Avatar
    My Lumia 950 is still in perfect conditions, I'll wait the next Microsoft device.
    Also while I wait I'm quite sure soon I'll be able to put full Windows 10 on my Lumia 950, so the wait is not so bad ;)
    02-06-2018 03:33 PM
  6. BajanSaint69's Avatar
    I use my mobiles until they die, my 950Xl is still going strong at the moment so I'm waiting, I don't have to buy a phone so it's not really an issue. If it were to break down? I'd probably try to find another 950 to be honest. Not terribly impressed by either IOS or Android. I wouldn't toss a perfectly good phone to switch to Android or IOS at this point but if you are in a position where you NEED to buy a phone? Buy one that fits your needs today. IF Andromeda emerges, and IF it fits your needs you can buy it when that happens, be it later this year or next year or the year after that.
    02-06-2018 04:15 PM
  7. vdamir78's Avatar
    Geez, it is a phone not a house... Just get a decent android that will get the Oreo (or already has it). And enjoy until ms comes up with some thing worth our faith back for ms. Until then, I totally love my Huawei Mate 10pro, after L950...
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    02-06-2018 05:43 PM
  8. estoll#WN's Avatar
    If your phone isn't working...get a new one.
    If your phone is working...wait and see (that's what I 'm doing:)
    I couldn't stand the constant rebooting on my 950. Its related to the battery getting old. I went through as many batteries as I could tolerate and finally switched to an Android phone (Essential PH1).

    If you've only had a WP your whole smartphone-life, my advice, make the switch now. Android isn't WP but its still a really good experience. Learn how fast the phone should be, how the integrated app experience is better, and what a full app ecosystem is like. It won't change your life. And once the Andromeda phone comes out, you'll switch right back. But its good perspective and worthwhile over the constant rebooting and bugs.
    02-06-2018 07:37 PM
  9. anon(10172601)'s Avatar
    I find it horrific that we even have to ask this question. Seriously... 6 YEARS... yes years with a Y of rumours about a Surface phone.

    Meanwhile... Windows mobile was left to wither on the vine and finally just completely died... Windows 10 has backed off it's billion devices target... and even Microsoft's market share in the 2-in-1 market (a device category that Micdrosoft INVENTED) is losing ground to new entries like the iPad Pro and Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. Why? Because management at Microsoft is living in the 80s. They refuse to believe that mobile is the platform a company simply must succeed in.

    That said... as much as I HATE to say it... I'd say buy an Android device, or even an iOS device, because waiting on Microsoft is like waiting for the 80s to come back. The knuckleheads in Redmond aren't worth your trust. They've done nothing to earn it.
    02-06-2018 08:26 PM
  10. sporosarcina's Avatar
    I hear this a lot but think back through it, every phone I have had (and PDA prior to that... yeah old school PPC) with MS has gotten at least two years of full support (and security support for at least a year past that, good luck finding that in Android). All of the apps I bought with the launch of WP7 (the first modern app model version) still work on my L950, and the majority will work on any future W10ARM devices. I guess if you want to keep a phone for four or five years and expect it to be updated through out that time (no Apple doesn't do that, they realistically do the 7.8 strategy) you might be upset, but I've never been burned buying a MS mobile device. (Focus on launch, 920 on launch, 1020 for the camera, 950 on launch).
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    02-06-2018 08:27 PM
  11. NMCynthia's Avatar
    I dearly love my Icon, W10M in general, and I have not really been put out by the app gap.

    All that aside, my husband said that we should really get new phones for Christmas, as ours were 4 years old, and were probably going to need new batteries soon (I had already spent $200 a year and a half ago on a new battery and connection plug). As there was nothing concrete coming from Microsoft I said fine, I'll get a new phone, and if something DOES come along, it should REALLY be good in 2 years when I will have my new phone paid off. If NOTHING comes along, I'm out nothing, and I have learned a new OS (the only smart phones I have had are the W7 HTC Trophy, and the Icon).

    After researching iPhones and Androids, I got the stock Android Pixel 2. I decided on it because it has no bloatware, I can use lots of Microsoft apps and Cortana (even though they don't work exactly like on W10M), and the fabulous camera. AND I got it for $349.00!!

    I'm learning my way around Android-World slowly but surely by doing lots of reading (thank you Android Central and others), and I've downloaded as many of the same apps that I had on my Icon as possible. They don't work the same, however, and I haven't found any that I felt worked BETTER, just differently. I've been having fun trying new apps, and if I don't like them, I just uninstall them. After setting up my phone I haven't been brave enough to use another launcher to customize it ... I think I'll wait until I'm more comfortable with Android.

    All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase of the Pixel 2, and would recommend it to anyone, even though it doesn't have a dedicated camera button (I love that button on my Icon!). I miss W10M, but I'll live! I'm learning something new, which makes me happy, and if Microsoft comes out with something that I want later I will go back, with no hesitation.

    Everyone needs to do what's in their own self interest, whether it's moving on to a new phone, or waiting. Even though I hated moving on, I'm using the process to learn something new, and I'm enjoying it with a very nice piece of equipment.
    02-06-2018 08:41 PM
  12. naddy6969's Avatar
    "I guess if you want to keep a phone for four or five years and expect it to be updated through out that time (no Apple doesn't do that, they realistically do the 7.8 strategy)"

    Yes, Apple does that. I have an iPhone 5. It was released in September 2012. It shipped with iOS 6. It was updated for 5 years, ending with iOS 10.3.3 last year.

    Now THAT is support. No on else supports phones for 5 years. BTW, I have no idea what you mean by the "7.8 strategy".
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    02-06-2018 09:28 PM
  13. naddy6969's Avatar
    Who says "Microsoft's new device is around the Corner?" What corner? There is nothing but rumors. The "surface phone" has been rumored for years.

    I wouldn't depend on Microsoft to deliver a pizza, let alone a compelling mobile device that people will actually want to buy.

    The world is literally awash in "always connected, pocketable, telephony-enabled devices". They are called phones. Microsoft used to sell such devices, for many years. In case you have not noticed, no one was interested.
    02-06-2018 10:12 PM
  14. xandros9's Avatar
    "I guess if you want to keep a phone for four or five years and expect it to be updated through out that time (no Apple doesn't do that, they realistically do the 7.8 strategy)"

    Yes, Apple does that. I have an iPhone 5. It was released in September 2012. It shipped with iOS 6. It was updated for 5 years, ending with iOS 10.3.3 last year.

    Now THAT is support. No on else supports phones for 5 years. BTW, I have no idea what you mean by the "7.8 strategy".
    I believe they are referring to the 7.8 "update-in-name-only" where Microsoft tends to make their last update before abandonment a trivial one with a new start menu. (see: WP7.8, obviously, and Windows RT 8.1 Update 3)

    Of course, that is not the case as iPhones do see new features and the few missing features actually make sense given the hardware of the device receiving the update instead of just claiming "incompatibility" and moving on.
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    02-06-2018 10:12 PM
  15. Nayden's Avatar
    At present, my lumia 950 accommodates me with all I need, so I am not in a hurry moving to Android (iOS or whatever is not an option). Got my mails, calendar, Viber and Whatsapp, and of course Office. Can wait a little bit longer :)
    02-07-2018 12:48 AM
  16. Aden Rossinni's Avatar
    I'd hold off if I was you. If you really need an Android device for a few apps that are necessary just as I did, get a cheapie like the Moto 5s plus. I use 99% of the time my X3, 950, 950xl and 640 xl.
    02-07-2018 01:12 AM
  17. Keith Harrison's Avatar
    I'd like to see an operating system which can work on either a Microsoft device or say a Samsung device provided it has adequate specs.
    02-07-2018 01:38 AM
  18. perbear's Avatar
    I regret that I returned my Lumia 950XL to the vendor when it was just a few months left on the lease and I stil had to pay the monthly fee until the bitter end. The family decided to purchase three Android phones last October to get access of all the fabulous apps out there, just to discover that we could not obtain the ones we really used without paying extra. So for vital things like checking dictionaries we stick with our old Windows Phones. I also check my WP for incoming mail as it has a better layout and overview and it is easier to see what has arrived for my different inboxes. So it is new and old in a combo, not a totally happy situation with either of the systems. Whether high-end Android phones really would win us over to the Android camp we have to see, at the moment at least I in the family is longing for something Windows.
    02-07-2018 02:34 AM
  19. Pierre Blackwell's Avatar
    At this point if you weren't willing to wait you'd already have jumped ship. WP10 in my opinion is still the smoothest running mobile OS for basic applications. I'll be using it when the next great thing comes out.
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    02-07-2018 04:45 AM
  20. shaunydub's Avatar
    After being a MS fan and early adopter of various amazing products that were cancelled I can no longer recommend waiting for the next MS big thing.
    I will wait until at least the 3rd generation of any future hardware products so
    1 - It is likely to have some market traction and less likely to be canned.
    2 - Hardware quality issues will have been ironed out.

    I'll keep a close eye on developments as a fan but as a buyer I need to think with my head and wallet in the future.
    02-07-2018 05:56 AM
  21. Steven Jepson's Avatar
    I agree with the above. That's part of the reason why I'll be opening up my 950XL to fix the front camera.

    It will take a while for Andromeda to get the bugs worked out, although it could be in heavy beta testing right now (rumors apparently to that). Also, this is a new version of the W10 OS for "pocket computers," and there will be other hardware companies who will mimic it (Samsung). Right now, you can find a LOT of 2-in-1s and laptops with detachable screens that took the Surface idea and ran with it.

    I will probably see how it develops and then make the decision. I am hoping that it will be the productivity device I want.
    02-07-2018 12:59 PM
  22. BLKahuna's Avatar
    There is no reason to believe in MS anymore. I loved Windows Phone from my Samsung Focus to my 950 but finally couldn't tolerate watching the few apps I had slowly get shut down one-by-one. I decided to buy an LG V20 on Amazon, unlocked for $350. Now I'm app drunk!

    For $350 I can now sit and wait to see what plays out at MS. Even if they do produce their unicorn phone, I'm not sure I want the first version. MS has a very bad reputation for upgrading and orphaning the old version.

    This V20 is LG's old flagship (their current one is the V30). It's a great phone and runs everything perfectly. I miss WP and wish MS had supported it but they didn't. MS has to prove themselves to me but until then, I'm happy and covered for $350.
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    02-07-2018 05:31 PM
  23. lazybum131's Avatar
    The only reason I may hold off is because I want to replace my aging 8" Dell V8P tablet, and a foldable device could potentially replace three of my devices (V8P, 950 XL, old Latitude D630 laptop permanently docked).

    But my 950 XL is really starting to **** me off. It was never very stable, which may be a battery problem but MS doesn't sell a replacement. The ~$25 one I got on ebay claiming to be genuine OEM is likely a counterfeit (drains very fast, top 20% effectively missing) and Amazon Canada only has expensive third-party ones.

    Apps have been disappearing that I use regularly (Groove, TD Bank, Starbucks, etc.) and existing third-party apps have always performed poorly. Spotify for instance regularly requires a phone reset to work, I either get an 'audio service used by another app' or it constantly stuck 'loading...'. The Starbucks web app always requires me to log in, very inconvenient, and doesn't save the log-in for next time even when I have that option checked. I miss out on other apps, things like McDonald's, Tim Hortons, and shopping loyalty programs.

    Cortana is slow, and it no longer syncs notifications with my Win10 PCs. It can't control Spotify in my car like I could with Groove. Android phones now have better syncing and integration with Win10 than what I have with the 950 XL.
    02-07-2018 08:10 PM
  24. kbagrows's Avatar
    Android phones now have better syncing and integration with Win10 than what I have with the 950 XL.
    Totally true. I went from my HTC HD2, to an HTC Radar, Nokia 810, 930 (Icon), then a 950XL. Damn did I love W7 and 8.0/8.1. Never seemed to me like WM10 was all that smooth or polished as its predecessors. Like an above poster, I am now rocking an LG V20 with the Microsoft Launcher, and am super surprised at how much I love it, and how well it integrates with all of the Microsoft services. My advice (from a WP lover) is to switch to Android and not look back. After the Groove debacle, etc., I believe it is the only way to go.
    02-08-2018 03:34 PM
  25. Christian Del Rosario's Avatar
    Do you really need the phone now? If so get an android now. If Microsoft somehow releases the new gadget, there will still be rooms for improvement anyway just like when the first surface came out. So after two or three years you would need a replacement phone, switch back to windows.
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    02-08-2018 11:49 PM
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