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    I'm a novice when it comes to Xbox. Since I live in the Microsoft ecosystem (Office, Widows Tablet, Windows Laptop, Windows Phone, and Xbox Music) I thought I should just the One. Where I live I don't have high-speed internet. I have to use my hotspot on my phone. I understood going into it I would have to do the initial update and then I should be able to play offline. After two attempts I downloaded the 760 MB file and was able to complete the initial installation.
    My first game I bought was Titanfall. I bought the disc so I wouldn't have to use my data connection. I install the game to my hard drive and now it says I have to update the game before I can even use it. Is this true for all games? I'm not going to download a 1.3 GB file for an update to play the game.

    This hasn't been the best experience getting started. I saw something about a offline tool. When I did the initial update didn't I install this? Can anyone give me any advice? Thanks for any advice you can give me
    06-15-2014 09:02 AM
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    Nowadays day 1 patches are fairly typical to most games. There's a few ways people typically approach it.. some say it's just an anti-piracy measure, some say the game was rushed out and needs patching even on day 1, many (like me) are happy that the developers didn't just sit on their arses and instead worked on the game until the very end and further.

    Titanfall being an online game will be recieving a lot of patches in the future, there's really no two ways to go around this. You either patch or you won't play. With some single player titles you might be able to just not patch them (if you arn't connected to internet) and play regardless, but when it comes to Titanfall I don't think there is anything you can do but to just patch it. Titanfall has no single player/offline mode at all. There is a campaign, but even that is done online with other players. So if you were planning to play offline only, there will be 0 for you to play in Titanfall and you might just want to consider trying to return the game instead.

    That initial patch was a system update for the console, so it obviously didn't patch every game out there at the same time. One of the games I have even had a 5gb day 1 patch... :P
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    06-15-2014 09:26 AM

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