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    Hello, I have just joined the windows phone community few days ago getting a nokia lumia 630. I really like the smoothness and simplicity of the OS compared to my previous top-end android device.

    I have one minor problem: I have initially registered the phone to a new microsoft account created using my existing gmail email address which is listed on the phone as an Outlook account, but then decided to give a try to the new outlookdotcom email service and therefore I have signed up and created a new outlookdotcom email account on the phone. The issue is that all my contacts and calendar entries are now duplicated both on the outlook and outlookdotcom accounts.

    If I delete a contact one one of the two the other is deleted too after few minutes so I cannot remove duplicates, but changing the number in one contact for some reason does not alway update the corresponding one, so there is the risk of having obsolete numbers left lurking around. I can disable the synchronization of contacts and calendar on the outlookdotcom account, but I'd rather keep this on to have a copy of the contacts on the outlookdotcom website. Any suggestion?

    As a last resort, I am wondering if resetting the phone and registering this time with the new outlookdotcom email address will solve the problem. Thanks.
    06-24-2014 04:27 PM
  2. gedzum's Avatar
    If you haven't gone too far into setting up your phone, then it may be simpler to reset the phone and start with the new outlook email.

    However, you may want to try merging the contacts and seeing if it will unify the info, but that will be tedious and time consuming.
    06-24-2014 04:30 PM
  3. belodion's Avatar
    You may care to look at yoniLoft's thread under Nexus 5, over on Android. Whether it will help I don't know but worth a glance perhaps.

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    06-25-2014 01:58 PM

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