1. WPCentral Question's Avatar
    I just ordered online a new Lumia 930 (which appeared in online shop this Friday!)
    At any rate I wonder if I need protective gear?
    My old Lumia 920 is starting to take blurry picture... I suspect it might be because I usually put it in a bag with other item (which probably scratches it) and if put it on a pocket of its own will be enough to ensure a long life to the lens?
    07-05-2014 04:14 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Oh yes, you'll need a protective case if you want take care of your device. It amazes me how so many users are prepared to stuff their expensive phones into pockets full of keys, coins, bit of pie, body sweat, screws, cigar butts and lint. Get that case!

    Posted via Windows Phone Central App
    07-05-2014 06:42 AM
  3. Lloyd Dupont's Avatar
    Mm.. there is some truth to that!!
    Now.. I have to find something that will work out...
    07-05-2014 06:46 AM
  4. switch side method's Avatar
    Hell yeah. Got a lumia 1520 and ordered a case under 5 on ebay. Its a black leather look with front and back case with a magnet lock. And its thick enough to stop the camera being touched but not too thick. Looks so nice and feels so nice. Lets be honest. Do you really want to ruin the look and a scratched screen for not buying a case? And for gods sake man...no keys or loose change in the same pocket 😝
    07-05-2014 08:51 AM
  5. Lloyd Dupont's Avatar
    Ok! I do it! ^^
    07-05-2014 11:55 AM
  6. wetworker's Avatar
    It depends on if you are prone to dropping devices. I've never dropped my Lumia 920 and I've had it for 2 years.
    07-06-2014 02:53 PM
  7. Speedygi's Avatar
    Get a case. You never know when you would accidentally drop it. Better to be safe than sorry...
    07-07-2014 12:03 AM
  8. Lloyd Dupont's Avatar
    It's a Nokia! They are super tough!!
    In fact pic were blurry because there was some kind of grease on the len!
    Now it's all good again! :)
    (Except for screen cracks, but it's kind of my fault!)
    07-07-2014 04:51 AM

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