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  1. Lisbet Hz's Avatar
    I have a page:

    And two "underpage" linked to that

    I record fast and short videos with my Nokia Lumia 920.
    I want to send it direct to my my "underpage":
    BUT I CANT DO IT - only to my mainpage:

    I took
    a screenshot:

    I cant attach anything only text.


    I have uploaded FB pages manager - but its only for pictures not video
    07-08-2014 04:41 AM
  2. Himanshu Chowdhary's Avatar
    Looks like this app isn't designed to upload videos. You can record the videos and transfer them to your PC via USB cable or via OneDrive. Later upload them via browser.
    07-08-2014 06:06 AM
  3. Lisbet Hz's Avatar
    This is really sad beacause I record nearly TV, send it out the same minute to my page.

    Can I use another app that may solve this for me?
    I HAVE TO BUY ANOTHER PHONE is that what you say?
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    07-08-2014 06:30 AM
  4. Lisbet Hz's Avatar
    I need to drag a PC with me too...
    07-08-2014 07:09 AM
  5. Himanshu Chowdhary's Avatar
    I need to drag a PC with me too...

    Nope. You can upload the video to youtube and attach a link of the video on your page.
    07-08-2014 07:22 AM
  6. Lisbet Hz's Avatar
    If I upload from my phone to the youtube channel, and use an automatic link to facebook. The video end up to the mainpage not to the "underpage"

    Or you mean that I first go and upload it to youtube - copy the link (in my phone) and write a post and attach the link in the post.
    This takes time, lots of time. I really needed this information before i bougt ad fr the TV-page. I cant make it as a new facebookside, then it cost my both lots of time as money.

    I need a new phone - an Iphone thats for sure. Or samsung
    I thought I couldnt upload a video from my phone.
    Last edited by Lisbet Hz; 07-08-2014 at 08:24 AM.
    07-08-2014 08:02 AM
  7. Himanshu Chowdhary's Avatar
    Youcan upload the video on youtube from your phone itself. Later share the video link on a post in your page. This is somewhat the same. If we have an app , it will first off all upload the video to facebook servers which isn't avaliable in windows phone in my opinion. You can use youtube to share videos. It would benift youras well as people on youtube. They can search for your videos there ;) You may also upload the video to Onedrive and share the link. But I will prefer youtube.
    Sent from my Lumia 920 using Tapatalk
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    07-08-2014 08:09 AM
  8. Lisbet Hz's Avatar
    i found this now...

    I have uploaded but I cant find the link or copy it for attach it to facebook on the phone.
    Last edited by Lisbet Hz; 07-08-2014 at 09:24 AM.
    07-08-2014 08:34 AM
  9. Himanshu Chowdhary's Avatar
    i found this now...

    I have uploaded but I cant find the link or copy it for attach it to facebook on the phone.
    Yup after successfully uploading the video , go to your youtube account and search for your videos in uploads section. You will find the video link in address bar of your browser.
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    07-08-2014 01:04 PM

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