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    We have five of these brand new, and two of them are having the (well known) Windows phone problem of losing the correct date and time.

    It may seem like a small problem but it is a really bad one. Diaries and email go wrong, texts messages are sent with the wrong date and appear not to be received by the recipient (because the messages go into their list lower down than the top). Users don't immediately realise what is wrong.

    It always seems to be going back in time and it *not* affected by manual or auto settings and (from my perspective) seems to be a Microsoft problem. I have seen this before on a Windows 8 Samsung Ativ S.

    Any suggestions are welcome. My users won't accept this if it is persistent, so we will ditch the Windows platform which would be a great shame. In this case we will return the phones while they are still 'new'.

    Thanks for any guidance.
    07-08-2014 03:23 PM

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