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    I know this sounds easy, "the cord is broken". But its not. It works on other phones. And it would work with my 8x if i would move it around and wiggle it in and get it just right, and then not touch it at all. So my next thought was, 'its the actual plug on my phone'.... but the charger that came with a galaxy S3 works just fine.... So i was really confused. But i just switched and used the S3 charger for a few weeks. Then, a few days ago, I was thinking "ya know, i read somewhere that you should keep the chargers with the devices they came with, they work best that way..." and i had noticed that the S3 charger took a lot longer to charge my 8x and it seemed to just overall be weaker than my phone (dropping battery percentages during use, even while plugged in, which never happened with the HTC charger, it would at least stay the same level). So i decided to see if the HTC charger would still not work with my phone...and now you works just fine! i can even use it and move it around like normal while its plugged in..... Does anyone know whyyyy?????? I'm so confused
    07-10-2014 04:25 PM

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