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    Hi All

    At the weekend I set up my new Lumia 925. After signing in I restored the backup not from the phone it's replacing but my other (work) phone, as there were a few things I had configured better on there.

    Since then any texts to my personal number (the new phone) are also being delivered to my work phone. Does anyone know how I can stop this please. Thankfully nothing has been sent me yet that could get me in to trouble, but still would like to "break the link" as soon as possible

    07-16-2014 02:34 AM
  2. hotphil's Avatar
    Sounds odd. SMS are sent to a SIM, not a handset. Are they definitely SMS? Have you got only one SIM or is your carrier moving you from one to another?
    07-16-2014 05:21 AM
  3. timppa_k's Avatar
    If you have the same MS account in both phones you get same txts and mails to both phones as a copy. Both phones are using same phone book.
    07-16-2014 06:45 AM
  4. Mark Middlemist's Avatar
    Yup, they're definitely SMS messages. I had wondered on the first couple, but the one from my mum yesterday can only be SMS.

    It looks like I have sorted it (just testing now) - the new phone had SMS backup option on, and because both phones were on the same account they were being instantly restored (as unread) on the other. Option changed and all seems good now.

    Thanks for your help
    07-16-2014 08:36 AM

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