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    I signed to a Xbox music pass $9.99 and I'm try to download music and once is on my phone and when I'm trying to play it I get an error code (( sorry but we can't play this file on your phone error code: C00D7176 ))
    I was chatting with an agent of "" Xbox music pass expert "" I reset my phone from factory but the issue still on my phone
    somebody can help me with this PLEASE !!! :( :(. my phone is brand new I just bought it 3 days ago. Lumia icon windows 8.1
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    07-20-2014 10:59 AM
  2. switch side method's Avatar
    Is the music set to be downloaded on an SD card? If it is check the SD card is in properly. Also change the download from SD card to phone and see if that makes a difference
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    07-20-2014 05:11 PM
  3. Angelito Carey's Avatar
    It's doesn't matter where u save your music .. It's not a phone issue actually.. It's a Xbox music pass program that doesn't allow you to play songs you downloaded.. And I have downloaded my own music using utorrent and I save them on my phone guess what? They play amazing !!!
    07-20-2014 05:28 PM

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