1. lumiafeeder's Avatar
    Recently i changed some of my security settings in my account, now i have To wait 30 days, in the mean Time i can use my account only not the security settings section. Here is the problem, i cant use my account anymore on my Windows Phone, when i want To download an app or see my mail a screen pops up, You recently changed something in your account if This was You press next, and after that it should be ok. But that is not the case, it just goed back to the You recently changed something screen, anyone has a solution?, please i cant do much with my phone with This problem
    07-21-2014 10:48 AM
  2. Torcher Death's Avatar
    You might have to log on through a browser, preferably PC or laptop & change your password.....
    & if that doesn't work, well a simple solution would be to create & use an alternate account for the time being
    07-21-2014 10:57 AM
  3. lumiafeeder's Avatar
    But to use a other Microsoft account on your Windows Phone You have To reset the whole Phone right ?
    07-21-2014 11:08 AM
  4. lumiafeeder's Avatar
    Yeah i am in again thanks for your help torch
    Torcher Death likes this.
    07-21-2014 11:24 AM

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