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    maybe my problem and the solution to it is available somewhere in the FAQs etc. but I could not find anything. If I have overlooked it there, sorry for asking here and thanks for pointing me to the right place.
    My issue: on my new L635 (with wp8.1 running) I only just started playing around with tasks in the WP8 calendar (instead of using calendar events). I am quite shocked now to see them all disappeared overnight although I did not (consciously) close any of them. Only the tasks with a target date of today are still visible. I did check for closed tasks also but did not see any either.
    Is there any setting (configurable or even hard-coded) which makes old (yesterday's) tasks disappear or even delete them?!? Is there any way of unearthing them?
    Also I do not see any way of displaying the calendar tasks on the PC calendar (WP8), I can just see the events. Does the WP8 calendar on the PC have any way of showing calendar tasks??
    Intrigued by all of the above I am coming back to my old wish: how would I back up the complete WP8 calendar contents - on the PC? Not for syncing, but for saveguarding against any loss like the one I just encounter or for restoring after other accidental deletion or overwriting etc. of items?

    Thanks for any help.
    Regards Markus
    07-27-2014 08:56 AM

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