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    i dont know whether it is a problem or a bug or a glitch... last month, i spent all my days n nights in tagging the metadata n album arts to my song collections... i added separate album arts for each songs... but when i copied the songs to my phone it was totally frustrating ... either the mixradio or the xbox music didnt show separate album arts for each songs... instead all the songs of that album shows the album art of that album's 1st song and they all show the same album art... for ex. i have 6 songs from "Green Day's" "American 1diot" album and all of them have separate album arts... but mixradio and xbox music shows the album art of "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" to all the songs of that album.... how to solve this issue... pls help me guys...
    i used mp3tag to tag the album arts and winamp to tag metadatas
    model : lumia 920
    os : windows phone 8 amber update
    sorry for my bad english guys
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    07-29-2014 03:49 PM
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    No problem mate. If your on 8.0 download an app called MPAtool. This will allow you to select album art. (spell it as I did on app store or you wont find it) its not supported for 8.1 yet so do it before you upgrade. Let me know how it went
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    07-29-2014 06:18 PM
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    thanks for the reply mate... i read ur answer but my problem is different... the album arts of the album and the artist's background image are showing correctly.... my problem is "all the songs of an album shows the album art of that album's 1st song" and they are not showing separate album arts for each song... in my 5800 XM, ipod, ipad and my bro's Samesung GS4 are showing separate album arts for each song... so i want to know whether it is a problem with core OS or with xb music
    07-30-2014 11:06 AM
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    I think you don't know how albums work. When you put a whole album on your phone, xbox music will only use the album art of the first song because that is just how albums work. When you buy a physical album, you don't get 12 album covers each for the 12 songs on that album, you only get the one of the first song. This happens because Xbox Music assumes that since your songs have the same album name in the metadata then it must use the same album cover too. To answer your other question, 5800 has an outdated music player, and your brother's music is obviously disorganized. I don't know why your ipod and ipad show individual album covers for individual songs on the same album. Why don't you go check on itunes if the album cover is different for each song in one album.

    There is no problem with xbox musi, that is just how music and album covers work.
    but if you really want individual album covers for each song on one album, then I suggest changing the metadata of the songs to be diferrent from each other. Example, if you have a "Born to Die" album, all the 12 songs on the that album will have "Born to Die" on their album metadata, using a tag editor change that so that it would be "Born to Die 1", "Born to Die 2" etc... if you do this, you can also assign individual album covers for each song, althought this would be tiresome to do and will mess up your library.
    04-15-2015 12:10 AM

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