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    Hey there. (Warning: big story to help you understand what my issue is and how it started)

    So I've had my Nokia Lumia 625 for about 5 months or so and everything has been working fine until my screen cracked (at 3 months) and has gone spastic at random times but it's still usable and I can still be productive of it. I've now got WP 8.1 Cyan and last night I got a message saying that my password for my email had expired and I needed to reset it on the web. So after I woke up I had reset my password and the phone didn't register that it was changed and ready to go, so I accidentally did a hard reset (my first mistake) to try and make sure the phone could start fresh after I restored my backup. Tried doing it but it froze and as I had no idea what to do, I rebooted it (possibly second mistake) and just thought I could do it all over again. But little did I know that, that had actually removed that backup from the cloud and gave me the last one I had which wasn't to far off.

    So I started restoring and the phone froze again and so I did another reboot, hoping third time is the lucky charm I had started the restore once again. Now it worked fine, but it had mixed features of WP 8 and WP 8.1 and I didn't know what to do or think so I did a soft reset this time. Worked and then did a hard reset for safe measures (most likely the second mistake but could be third either way) and then that's where I encountered the notification about the retail demo mode. I tried to press cancel but as my screen has been spastic since cracking it, it had thought I pressed one continue for the retail demo mode and now I'm stuck with it. I've tried soft resets but that would work if it wasn't in retail demo mode and I can't hard reset as it only displays 'update demo content' instead. So I am downloading the firmware for my phone with the Nokia Software Recovery Tool in hope I can fix my phone as it's a software issue but if it doesn't work, then I need you geniuses to help me out.

    I haven't tried modding my phone or anything, I was just trying to get it to work right and now I'm stuck with the retail demo.

    If I can fix this, then how and what do I need for it? Anything would be appreciated at this point.
    08-03-2014 12:26 PM
  2. Bigdanzo's Avatar
    Never mind, I fixed it but I will turn this into a guide to help people that are currently having this issue or might experience it in the future.

    (Noted: This is only for Nokia devices! This may not work for WP 7.5/7.8 but it should. And for WP 8.1 users, this reset the firmware to the latest WP 8 firmware before WP 8.1. So 8.1 will need to be applied again)

    1) Download and install Nokia Software Recovery Tool 1.4.3 onto your PC/Laptop
    2) Backup all your files, settings and apps to the cloud via Settings>Backup>App List Settings and pictures, videos and music onto your PC/Laptop via USB cord
    3) Remove the USB cord and start up the Recovery Tool, follow the instructions as showed and allow it to download your firmware (download time will depend on your internet speed)
    4) Once the installation has finished, allow the phone to reboot
    5) Set up your phone and apply your backup
    6) Vola, you just got your phone out of retail demo mode.

    Hope this helps :D
    08-03-2014 01:16 PM
  3. expressme007's Avatar
    Hey man are you get out of that demo mode?
    08-06-2014 01:30 PM
  4. Bigdanzo's Avatar
    Yep, I'm fully out of the demo mode.
    08-06-2014 02:38 PM
  5. expressme007's Avatar
    Boss why this is happening? Any idea? Reset resulting demo mode. Why?
    08-06-2014 08:00 PM
  6. Bigdanzo's Avatar
    Did you follow the small guide I wrote up that's featured above?
    08-07-2014 02:22 AM

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