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    I took out my 16 g sd card without clicking remove safely & put in an older card to see what was on it , & once i put my 16 g card back in it erased everything. I have transferred all my photos & video files back on to it because i have them saved to my computer.... but after transferring them, I couldn't see all the photos. Just the ones on camera roll. All my videos wont show up on my xbox video.. The personal video tab is grey & it says my collection is empty... although it shows a few videos i had placed in a folder in my videos folder on my sd. For the pictures... i have a few folders such as my Fliers folder,that i keep all my event fliers on, to show when booking events... but that wouldn't show up. So after trying to get it to work for almost a full day... i went into the phone instead of sd & dropped it in the pictures folder there.... This makes it pop up in my pictures in my pictures Hub. I also went and downloaded a picture , so it would create a saved pictures folder,.... & then transferred my saved pictures from my pc into that. As for my videos that wont show... i cant find anything online telling me how to fix it, & I still cant drag & drop folders into the picture part of my sd because it doesn't show. Please some.... Help !!!!
    08-03-2014 07:48 PM
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    Sometimes you have to format the micro SD card on the phone, because the phone refuses to read the card.

    Here is explained how to format the micro SD card on the phone.

    Then you can transfer you data onto the card.
    08-03-2014 09:26 PM

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