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    I created this thread to ask you guys, which app is the best to track results from your favorite football (what some Americans call soccer) teams on windows phone. I've tried some apps,but I've only liked three of them.

    1. THE Football app (My favorite)
    You can check for and follow matches from your favorite teams or competitions. It also gives push notifications about relevant events during the matches from your favorite teams or individual matches non-related to your teams. It gives all the information a fan can need for a match and it also displays a great live tile about news from teams around the world (like transfers, rumors, post-match declarations,etc).

    2. Goal Live Scores.
    It gives results from almost all the leagues in the worlds, even from recondite countries. You can also pin individual scores to check directly from the Start Screen. It has push notifications as well, although notifications may fail once in a while. This app would be my favorite if it had a more dynamic main tile.

    3. Bing Sports.
    You can check results from the main leagues in the world. It provides an acceptable amount of information with a great UI. Like THA, it also displays news in its tile, but from regional sources(According to the region in which your phone is set.) It's also great that information from other sports. The negative thing about it is that it doesn't have push notifications, or at least I'm not aware about that.

    Tell me which one is the best football app for you, and if it's one that it isn't here, post it.
    Thank you in advance.
    08-04-2014 12:15 AM

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