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    I have AD RMS 2012 Server, its working fine by applying restricted Templates/Permissions on OWA, Outlook & other MS Office Tools (Word Excel,

    PowerPoint). But the AD RMS Templates/Permissions [Option] is not visible at Outlook 2013 in Nokia Windows 8 Mobile Device.

    Actually I would like to protect email with RMS templates (defined by me on AD RMS 2012 Server) but the [Permission] tab is not visible at Outlook

    2013 in Nokia Windows 8 Mobile Device.

    But I can do same with Android OS in Samsung Galaxy Mobile Device & I can see [Permission] tab as well to protect an email messages.

    Any idea??

    M.Daud Soomro
    08-04-2014 03:20 AM
  2. dasanka's Avatar
    any one has solution , i can't open AD RMS Protected email from Nokia 920 with Windows mobile 8. i have AD RMS (windows 2012 R2- cryptographic mode 2 ) and exchange 2013 SP1 . i am trying with native email client fro windows Mobile .do i have to install any APP to open RMS Encrypted Emails . for android and IOS, i have to use Microsoft Outlook for IOS/Android APP on mobile and it's working for those devices, but i am trying with Windows Mobile (windows 8. ) with Nokia 920 and it's believe for windows i don't need any client, but it's not working ..

    09-09-2015 07:42 AM

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