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    hello friends,

    I am a Nokia Lumia 920 user for past 1.5 years. During the first few months of its use, I did not notice (I don't know if there was the problem) about call dropping. Probably after few software updates GDR 1 or GDR2, I came to realise that I cannot receive or accept calls. Then when I restart the phone, it works fine. Next day its the same. Now its everyday. Once or twice a day I have to restart my phone to receive or make calls. Then even with wp 8.1 beta (developer version), the problem persisted. Then I had an accident and completely broke my phone. But got a New Lumia 920 from insurance, and installed wp 8.1 (developer version). from the day 1 of this phone, I am experiencing the same call dropped problem. I tried to find some solutions via discussion forums regarding the case without any success. Can NOKIA (now microsoft) help me? Are there any suggestions out there for me? Do not suggest about using 2G instead of 3G, that doesn't help.
    08-07-2014 08:49 AM

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