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    So for more info I rolled back to get cyan this broke my voice search after getting cyan. So after fiddling around with search settings I hard reset again. Still sound broken on headphone speakers everywhere. So played around with search settings some more nothing worked changed language and regional settings to see if Cortana worked and long pressing, short pressing nothing bought Cortana up and my sound was still broken. Then found Cortana under apps and launched her from there.

    This fixed search button not working and sound. So I reverted to my region settings. Everything seemed fine cyan 8.1.

    Then heard 8.1.1 coming jumped on dev preview again and now my glance setting s under settings don't open ,I can however add glance screens and they show.

    Now to the question can anyone tell me please how to fix glance I wanna change colour and add extra info to show.
    08-07-2014 01:06 PM

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