1. milfermon's Avatar
    Do you think it's worth trying to buy a lumia 820 at this point, I already own a 620, but the ram issue whenever a good game shows up is just killing me, I also hope for a better general performance, it's a bit difficult to find because most stores i've been to always try to sell me an android phone that I just don't want, anyway, the price for the 820 Is now a lot more affordable than a few months back, Should wait for a hipotetical 730 or 830 that may take until 2015 to come to my country (a lot of us know how slow microsoft is at giving their phones to other markets) or try to grab a 820 now? I'm so sorry if this isn't the right forum to ask, It's my first question here
    08-07-2014 01:14 PM
  2. Pacus1x's Avatar
    If you can grab the L820 with a good price... then it's totally worth. Like you said, the L730 could take a good time to arrive in stores and most likely it will have 1GB of RAM (Hopefully) the same RAM amount as the 820, also the L730 will be more pricey than the 820.
    08-07-2014 03:15 PM

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