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    I'm new here and it's such a shame that I'm joining this forum thanks to all the problems that Xbox Music brings constantly.

    After a lot of drawbacks, I have achieved to have all the music of my 16gb sd card inside the app with just a few visual problems (some covers couldn't show up).

    This weekend I have the awful idea of changing my sd card and I bought a 32gb sd card to have all my music (22gb) on my smartphone finally, but this stupid didn't recognize all the info of my music well. A lot of my music appeared with labels as "unknown artist" and stuff like that. It was nonsense cause they were the same files of my old sd card.

    Then I used the windows phone app for desktop to see if this problem could be solved but it got worse 'cause syncing my music in this way made a mess inside the folders mixing albums and artists.

    Finally, I tried to add my music in a slow way: adding some files to the sd card, opening the app, waiting 'till it recognizes the new few songs with the right info and then adding some more. This was working pretty good but then today I realized that even when the songs appear on the app, when I try to play them, the app crashes or it skips the song and plays the next one instead. The only way I can get to play them is by seaching for them specifically...

    I'm really desperate... do you know how to fix this? or can you share some others ways to add all my albums/songs while achieving that this trashy app can recognize them and play them in a right way?

    I hope you can help me and sorry for my english!
    08-11-2014 10:12 AM

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