1. WPCentral Question's Avatar
    i hard reset my windows htc 8x but now i cant open some apps or sign in to my microsoft account . Does anybody have any solutions to what i should do to fix this .
    Last edited by Laura Knotek; 08-11-2014 at 02:26 PM.
    08-11-2014 12:52 PM
  2. berty6294's Avatar
    What error message are you receiving when trying to sign the phone into the Microsoft account?
    08-12-2014 01:04 AM
  3. Rich 3's Avatar
    Check your date/time/region. When I had this problem it was because the year was set to 2013
    08-12-2014 01:11 AM
  4. Cristian Cotovanu's Avatar
    Do you have 2 step verification activated on your microsoft account ? If yes, disable it and the try to sign in again .
    08-12-2014 01:11 AM

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