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    Hello Everyone,

    I've been stalking this place for a long time without registering so forgive me if my status says Newby or something. Now I've tried searching for this answer here with the search bar so if it's already answered my apologies.

    Basically I got a Nokia Lumia 920 with Rogers Communications in Canada, I wanted to know which carriers would this phone work with? I've tried with Videotron, but their customer service is horrendous it's a back and forth problem of.... Visit a Store or Call Customer Service, because I remember reading an article somewhere saying that Videotron and Rogers teamed up last year to create a LTE network in Quebec.

    So let me explain to you this wonderful service I got from them (skip two paragraphs if you don't care.) TL:DR Videotron Customer Service sucks.

    I went to a Videotron kiosk at a shopping mall near my home. There were three employees all wearing their Samsung shirt (not a big fan of Samsung but I tolerate them.) Two of them were busy with other customers however one of them was doing absolutely nothing his back faced to me (I thought he was doing something so I didn't want to interrupt him) so one of the employees asked him to assist me (that's when I learned he was doing nothing.) So after saying hello, I asked him if my phone (I never said which phone btw) would work on the Videotron network. So he asked me only 1 thing: Is your phone a Videotron phone? I was jaw dropped (mentally) by that question. WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD I COME TO YOU AND ASK THAT QUESTION IF IT WAS A VIDEOTRON PHONE, OF COURSE IT ISN'T! So I said no, the next second without hesitation or thinking he was like nope sorry it won't work, only Videotron phones work with us. He didn't even do some research or asked what my phone is, he just says no. Imagine if I had an iPhone (it works on their network) he would of said no to that....

    So I went back home and frustrated, I only unleash my anger when I'm alone so ya... I didn't do it in front of his face. I called their customer service. So I asked them if it'll work on their network, surprisingly their answer was: Go to the store to see if it does....(once more mentally) LORD ALMIGHTY, YOU DON'T HAVE SOME SHEET INFRONT OF YOU WITH THE NETWORK FREQUENCIES TO TELL ME IF IT WORKS OR NOT?! So I hung up, and decided to write an e-mail to customer service. I got a reply 10 minutes later which means it's a slow day for them... They asked the same thing, go back to the store. So I replied telling them my experience at the store. They replied that they're going to rework their training for kiosks\stores because of my experience (doubt it but it's nice to know)

    So all of this just to say: Does any Canadian carrier BESIDES ROGERS work with the Nokia Lumia 920.
    08-12-2014 01:07 PM

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