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    I bought a 1520.3 from newegg and it will not power on.Tried usb charging and nothing happens.Bought a dt-900 charger, the dt-900 lights up when I place the phone on it, but still nothing. Tried reset nothing. Called support,they sent me an UPS label for repair in Texas. Sent phone to Texas and Texas sent phone back with form letter that states "This product is not coverd by the Nokia USA limited warranty as he device was not designed for the US market. "We do not have the capability to repair devices that were not designed for the US market. Please check the warranty information that was included with your device and / or contact your point of purchase." "We appreciate your business and we regret that we were unable to repair your device. As you seek a replacement, we hope you'll consider another Nokia product." Called support back on 08-07, and got stepped up to supervisor level, got a reference number and was told that they will call me back. They have not called back. any suggestions?
    08-13-2014 09:27 AM

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