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    Hi All

    As its all so quiet at MS regarding the fix for the bitlocker problem i decided to downgrade.

    Much to my surprise it wasnt a downgrade as such, it put me right onto Cyan with 8.1! Great!

    from here i downloaded DP and applied update 1, i then did a hard reset and applied my back up and after 2-3 hours it was all back! minus a few apps which are no longer in the store.

    My question is can the photos be replaced properly? I had copied and pasted the content of my camera roll to a computer thinking i could just copy it back over.

    Everything is back on the phone but when you click on the photo there is no link to open in Nokia Camera app, so no reframing or access to the hi-res file. also all of my video clips are under todays date. they are all in the correct order when in "files".

    for now i have decided to delete all hi res and videos from my phone. I did have 1500 photos (its a 1020 btw). the hi res were useless now on the phone anyway.

    does anyone know a way to restore the camera role as it was? would rolling the date back before adding them help?

    otherwise its a lesson learned i should have held out a little longer.....
    08-14-2014 03:29 AM
  2. grazy1982's Avatar
    right found the answer by looking a little deeper! you can just go to the options in Nokia camera "find photos and videos shot with Nokia camera! ahhh wish i had seen this earliar!
    08-14-2014 08:02 AM

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