1. bo_woods's Avatar
    I would like some opinions of whether or not to go with a lumia from the 920 series (920,925,928) or the lumia 1320??which one is overall a better choice??!!

    1320-low ppi, and only 5 megapixels but big and BEAUTIFUL screen, looks so stylish and has those removeable backs
    08-15-2014 01:30 AM
  2. worldspy99's Avatar
    I'll make it simple for you:
    Lumia 920 - $140 (mint, used on eBay)
    Lumia 925 - $160 (like new on eBay)
    Lumia 928 - $150 (mint, used on Swappa)
    Lumia 1320 - $270 (new on the internet)

    I would say get the 928 and save your dollars for a future device. The 928 will at least last you a year or maybe more. I bought the 810 last year thinking I would move on and I did not (I did try out the 822, 920, 925 and 928 in that time as well) and finally I made the jump to a 925.
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    08-15-2014 12:16 PM

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