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    I have a Nokia 920 from AT&T which I purchased when they were first released, almost 2 years ago.
    For the most part the phone as been fine since I have had it. No issues, outside of Bluetooth annoyances every once in a while.

    When the 8.1 Dev Preview came out, I installed it. I had no issues for quite sometime, until one day the phone just started randomly shutting down.

    I can be in the middle of a phone call, browsing a web site, it sitting idle on my desk, etc and it will shutdown. When it isn't connected to a power source I have to constantly check it since you can't always tell when it goes down.
    When it is connected to power it will shutdown/boot.

    No exaggeration, this happens at least 5-10 times per hour.

    I have tried the following to resolve:
    Put the phone in airplane mode
    Hard Reset with backup restore
    Hard Reset with no backup restore
    Used Nokia tool to revert to previous OS/Firmware
    Did not install any additional apps
    Only using the Nokia power cables
    Hard reset while on old version
    AT&T gave me a new SIM
    I swapped the battery with a different one that I purchased from Amazon
    I upgraded again using Dev Preview, but I am still on Lumia Black as it won't find any other updates.
    Build: 3051.40000.1347.10292

    None of the above have resolved the issues and I am losing my mind. The shutdowns make the phone frustrating and almost useless.
    I have tried to find any diagnostic tool that could pull logs but there doesn't seem to be anything available.
    I have looked at API's to see if I could code something, but I haven't turned up anything as of yet.

    Unfortunately I can't afford a new phone and this is, of course, out of warranty.

    Outside of just junking the phone all together (which seems like the only option at this point), does anyone have any other suggestions? Please....

    EDIT: I had used the Nokia Care Support suite previously but did not realize there was a test mode.
    I just performed all tests and they cam back OK. Battery temperature was interesting. Anyone know of an app that monitors it?

    ​Still unable to find logs from the device though.

    EDIT2: Found you can use tshell to tap into the test mode and run commands,etc. Unfortunately it requires an OEM account, which I don't have. That being said, I was in test mode using the Nokia Care suite and the phone rebooted there as well. Once it came back up it was out of test mode.
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    08-15-2014 07:39 AM
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    I have the exact same problem!

    I rolled back to WP 8, hard reset, reinstalled Dev Preview, taken the sim out, etc. Nothing seems to fix it.

    I've had to switch to a cheap Lumia 520 as I couldn't rely on my 920 that I bought at launch. Now that Cyan is finally roling out to AT&T users, I'm going to see if that fixes it. My wife's 920 is still working perfectly, but she never installed the Dev Preview. And, mine, like yours, was fine for the first few months on Dev Preview. I really hope I can get it back up and running as Nokia doesn't have anything out for AT&T that I'm remotely interested in. Would love to have my 920 working again so I could try to get it working on a far cheaper T-Mobile plan.
    09-04-2014 03:31 PM
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    I am trying to install Cyan now. I'll update once it is complete.
    09-05-2014 10:06 AM
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    I had to use the Nokia Recovery tool to get Cyan installed.
    Did not restore a backup so everything was fresh.

    About 5 minutes in, and the phone rebooted. At this point I have no choice but to find a new phone.
    09-05-2014 10:51 AM

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