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    The feature I like least on windows phone is the People Hub. I don't want Facebook and Twitter and everything connected to my phone contacts. I just want to press contacts and have my friends' phone numbers there. I've unsynced Facebook from it but for some reason my Facebook profile picture still appears at the top of the "people" bit. How can I remove it. Also I don't want all this "what's new" stuff peeking in at the side of my screen. I just want the my friends' names with their phone numbers and maybe their photo. I downloaded a third party contacts app which was just what I wanted but I couldn't add contacts from that app so I'm trying to make People into something I might like.

    This whole thing is really unintuitive and I don't know quite why Microsoft have assumed I want to see my own face everytime I want to call someone.

    So how can I get rid of my face?
    08-15-2014 08:45 AM

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