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    I have recently upgraded my Lumia 720 to WP 8.1 and as part of the upgrade all my email inboxes (Exchange, yahoo, gmail and hotmail) were removed.

    After the upgrade, i was able to create exchange, yahoo and gmail inboxes successfully and i am able to send/receive mails through these email accounts but I am unable to create hotmail (or outlook as it is called now) inbox.

    Whenever i go to settings->email+accounts->add an account->Microsoft account to create an hotmail account, it does nothing! I keep touching it in anticipation that i will ask for login/password details but it just keeps blinking everytime i touch it but does nothing!

    Please note that I am based out of India and wanted to try out Cortana so i changed my region/language to US but reverted back the region/language to India. As part of this adventure, I ran into the issue where my gmail inbox stopped synchronizing and that was because of incorrect date/time setting (happened as Cortana was enabled and disabled).

    I didn't have Developer review installed earlier.

    Please guide/give me some pointers to investigate/resolve this problem.

    Thank you!

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