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    I have been watching and reading daily,from the UK,the release of the HTC One M8 windows phone. I've been reading review after review of it and comparing it to the Lumia 930.

    I am in a dilemma as which to choose when it it finally released in the UK. From personal experience on both phones could someone give me their thoughts as to which is the better phone. I have the M7 at the moment running Viper Rom and I am happy with all aspects of the phone,yes the camera could be a little better.

    My thoughts at the moment from reading the reviews are to go for the HTC One M8 Windows due to the better processor,SD card, and bigger battery.

    I would really appreciate any input with the pro's and cons of each and which ultimately would be the better phone. I know that end choice will be mine but your views will be appreciated.

    At the moment I cannot find anyone to give a definitive answer as to if the M8 will be released in the UK. HTC just say keep an eye on the facebook,Twitter announcements,02 have never even heard of the phone!!, three network the same and Vodafone 'no information at this moment in time'

    I could be in for a long wait if I choose the M8.


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