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    So what do you all think the windows phone variant of threshold should/or will be like??It's supposedly supposed to be a merge between rt and windows phone.One of the things i would love the most is basicall for the windows phone start screen to be more like the one windows 8...so basically the tiles should each have their own individual color,and they can mae them slightly smaller and make space between them to apply a background behind the live tiles, and you should be able to choose between the different background themes or a picture like in windows 8.1 for computers.So it'll be like live different sized colorful tiles floating atop a metro/or personal background, AND it should say START at the top like in windows 8 and you should be able to change it to any other word you want.I didnt really like the way they implemented backgrounds into wp8.1 i felt it took away the metro like feel from wp unless you have a certain type of background,they should've instead made more space between the tiles,and let you put a background behind them,and then made each tile have its own color??So what do u guys think??
    08-24-2014 12:22 PM

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