1. Talha Khan5's Avatar
    I usually don't visit forums to post questions, but now I have come up with a problem which can not be found by search anywhere.
    I don't know if this is my personal phone problem or what.
    From when I have update my Lumia 520 to Developers Preview WP8.1 , Whenever I play any video or movie from xbox video app and try to make it fullscren or crop out the black part, the resized or fullscreen version is streched out badly. I don't know why this is happening . I also searched out other video apps, but there is no other like the video app or if there is one, it doesn't have Fullscreen option.

    Kindly Help me.. I am a big WP lover , but now I am converting my faith to other OS , :P

    08-25-2014 10:20 AM

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