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    Referring to the topic above. I've mentioned that my Lumia 520 won't update. I seriously mean it won't update. I can't even download the Lumia BLACK UPDATE!
    When I hit the update button it says that the phone is up to date.
    Now, I got this phone as a temporary phone from my local service center here (MALAYSIA). Reason behind that is, they will be holding on to my Lumia 925 for over a month, to do testing and find out the cause of the problem behind my phones battery going bad over 6 times.

    So since I'm gonna be holding on to this, might as well I update it to 8.1 and enjoy the experience.

    Anyways back to the topic, now how do I update this? If I go into extra + info I see this:
    Manufacture name

    Mobile Operator

    It seems that they have given a Europe region model?

    When I go into About the version I see is

    I've tried changing the region it still won't give me the update.

    I iz be needing the help from all of you :<

    Thank you
    08-26-2014 12:09 AM

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